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Teacher's Welcome,

​As educators we have seen remarkable changes in the students that we are working with. The offsite work environment creates a community atmosphere for students, creating a sense of support and drive to succeed in every student. The environment fosters positive working relationships and the additional time provided by the structure allows more interaction between teachers and students. This relationships allows time for goal setting, academic achievement and future pathway planning. Students leave the program more confident in their abilities and more prepared for the future endeavours.

We are passionate about teaching and dedicated to student success. We hope that we can provide every student with the skills and experiences they will need for their future pathways. We have designed the semester to be built with challenging and life changing experiences. We hope that every student races home every day to share their educational adventures!


Mike Parsons
​Program Director and Business Studies Teacher

Our Philosophy

We believe that students should be excited about their education. Every year we have helped students recognize that they have the abilities to go far beyond their own expectations.


Our success has been built on the foundation of creating a unique and supportive culture. The offsite location allows us to create a more driven and passionate student who is determined to succeed.


We have developed every lesson to not only test our curriculum but to help students gain a wide range of skill sets to help them become stronger and more confident leaders. 

Through experiential learning and community engagement students are going far beyond learning the curriculum expectations. They are developing a range of skills that will support them to succeed in any pathway that they wish to pursue.

Why should you join our program?

Students will experience a unique learning opportunity focusing on experiential learning. The program brings the curriculum to life by exposing students to the business world. Regular travel is part of the program. Students begin their adventure travelling to Camp Tawingo for leadership development training. They will participate in numerous business competitions throughout the semester. They will explore the business practices of New York City, Downtown Toronto, Guelph and more. Students will plan, lead and organize socially responsible events. Students will have numerous working projects in partnership with Universities to support their transition for post secondary education. Students will go Beyond the Borders of the traditional classroom. 

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