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To support student success we feel it is important to establish a strong culture within Beyond Borders. We want an environment built on support, motivation, teamwork and the expectation of performing to the best of one's abilities.
We set high standards for our students. Each year students have been fuelled by their classmates' motivation and their teachers' expectations. Students and teachers learn to depend on each other.
Regular student teacher conferences are held for progress updates and goal setting. We believe one of the key areas in helping students succeed is to establish strong relationships with their teachers and their peers.
Students involved in the program are not only learning in a fun and engaging atmosphere but they are also developing strong friendships with their peers and creating memories to last a lifetime.
Academics and Skill Development
Regular student teacher conferences are held for progress updates and goal setting. 
Due to the flexibility of the program, teachers have an opportunity to provide students' with additional one on one support (or small group settings) to ensure that students have a strong understanding of the course material.
A wide variety of project styles and delivery methods are used to test students abilities in a variety of settings. Many of the program projects are built to simulate post secondary structure.
Post Secondary Preparation

The transition to college and university can be a difficult change for many students. We focus on preparing students for these next challenges in their lives. Not only do we focus on the skills required to be prepared, but we look at time and stress management. We simulate the university experience through simulation, offering similar projects, unique hours of class, mid terms, and more.


We also focus on discovering what school best suits a students future plans. Our alumni visit to speak with our students and offer tours at the Universities. We also offer projects that take place at a University (sometimes with the involvement of grad students and professors).


Finally we explore pros and cons of different post secondary institutions. We speak with new graduates and business professionals to discuss what they are looking for during the hiring process. Students also go through interview works shops and work place skill development.

Some of our best student achievements are demonstrated through real life projects. Students will have numerous opportunities to work with community members and businesses. 
It is our belief that student engagement increases when students can not only see real world connections to the curriculum, but even better results are achieved when they can apply the curriculum themselves in a meaningful way.
Students face challenging projects all semester to develop a range of skill sets. As a final test at the end of the semester students must execute a charity event in only 6 weeks. The event is hosted at the River Run Centre in Guelph. Students have been extremely successful raising over $55,000 in 2015.
Course Options
All students are required to enrol in the Business Leadership (BOH 4M4), Business and Sustainability (IDC 4U4) and  World Issues (CGW 4U4). Students then have the opportunity to choose one of the following electives.
Option #1: Advanced Functions (MHF 4U4)
Option #2: Data Management (MDM 4U4)

BOH 4M4: Business Leadership


This course focuses on the development of leadership skills used in managing a successful business. Students will analyse the role of a leader in business, with a focus on decision making, management of group dynamics, workplace stress and conflict, motivation of employees, and planning. Effective business communication skills, ethics, and social responsibility are also emphasized. Ministry Website with Curriculum details.

CGW 4U4: World Issues

In this course, students will address the challenge of creating a more sustainable and equitable world. They will explore issues involving a wide range of topics, including economic disparities, threats to the environment, globalization, human rights, and quality of life, and will analyse government policies, international agreements, and individual responsibilities relating to them. Students will apply the concepts of geographic thinking and the geographic inquiry process, including the use of spatial technologies, to investigate these complex issues and their impacts on natural and human communities around the world.

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities


MHF 4U4: Advanced Functions


This course extends students’ experience with functions. Students will investigate the properties of polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions; develop techniques for combining functions; broaden their understanding of rates of change; and develop facility in applying these concepts and skills. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics. This course is intended both for students taking the Calculus and Vectors course as a prerequisite for a university program and for those wishing to consolidate their understanding of mathematics before proceeding to any one of a variety of university programs.


Prerequisite: Functions, Grade 11, University Preparation, or Mathematics for College Technology, Grade 12, College Preparation


MDM 4U4: Data Management


This course broadens students’ understanding of mathematics as it relates to managing data. Students will apply methods for organizing and analysing large amounts of information; solve problems involving probability and statistics; and carry out a culminating investigation that integrates statistical concepts and skills. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics. Students planning to enter university programs in business, the social sciences, and the humanities will find this course of particular interest.


Prerequisite: Functions, Grade 11, University Preparation, or Functions and Applications, Grade 11, University/College Preparation 

IDC 4U4: Sustainability and Business

The common acceptance of globalization in today’s world


demonstrates the importance of understanding what happens in


the global community. This course introduces students to key


concepts and principles relevant to international business studies. We will


explore global actors, trends, issues, challenges and concerns, as


well as their interactions and the resulting implications.


Ultimately, the goals of this course are to enable students to (1)


recognize patterns in international interaction; (2) build


awareness of international affairs; (3) enhance ability to analyze


global issues and concerns; and (4) promote understanding of


global challenges.

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