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As educators we have seen remarkable changes in the students that we are working with. The offsite work environment creates a community atmosphere for students, creating a sense of support and drive to succeed in each student. The environment fosters positive working relationships and the additional time provided by the structure allows more interaction between teachers and students. These relationships allow time for goal setting and future pathway planning, one on one support (or in small working groups outside of the regular timetable), and time for character education and leadership development. 


Students leave the program more confident in their abilities and more prepared for their future endeavours. It is difficult to measure the many positive changes and growth we have seen in students, but we have seen remarkable results. To capture this growth as best we can we have been collecting testimonials from students, parents and administrators based on their observations and changes they have seen. 

Each student leaves the program with a final exit interview. It is through these interviews that the students are provided with an opportunity to showcase their growth and success. Teachers are able to listen to the lessons that have impacted students' lives and the positive changes they have seen. These interviews confirm the need and success of experiential learning programs, but also provide teachers with reflection time to modify their lessons to ensure that success not only continues, but continues to improve student results. 

The program has created positive awareness of new educational experiences and approaches offered by the Upper Grand District School Board. Students in the program recognize that the program represents something larger than themselves and that they can inspire learning, engagement and build bridges to the Guelph community.

Testimonials: Click on their photo to read about their experience...

Maddy Godin

Queens University

Alicia Bowland

University of Guelph

Bachelor of commerce

zach bell

Western University 

Ivey Business School

Mary rodenburg

Queens university

MYA Leacock

University of Guelph

Blair Jenkins

Brock University

Sport Management

Chloe Campbell

Ryerson University 

Media Production

Jenna falconer

Carleton University

Josh Gray

Carleton University

Caitlin Putman

Dalhousie university

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 2.35.53 PM.png

Emily Kesteloot

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.34.26

Olivia tourangeau

Program Documentary

We have started tracking our results. Here is where our grads went after high school...

Beyond Borders Alumni - Post Secondary Pathways

BB 2012:

1. Joyce Y.                    Laurier Bachelor Business Administration

2. Mike B.                    Queen’s BA Applied Economics

3. Brett F.                    Brock Sports Management 

4. Laine LJ.                  University of Ottawa: International Development and Globalization +                                                              Algonquin College: Horticultural Industries

5. Brett O.                   Brock University, Bachelor of Sport Management and Minor in Labour Studies +                                            Niagara College, Graduate Certificate in Human Resources

6. Dylan J                    University of Toronto, Honours History Specialist

7. Jamie H                   Wilfrid Laurier University, Communication Studies

8. Jeremy D                 University of Guelph, Psychology

9. Kendra A.               University of Ottawa, BA Honours Communication

10. Nate C.                 Brock University, BA BComm

11. Kali C.                  Conestoga, Respiratory Therapy, Thompson Rivers University Health Science

12. Chloe R                University of Guelph. BA Honours Double Major Criminal Justice and Public Policy,                                         and Sociology

13. Ally J.                   George Brown College, Supply Chain and Operations Management.

14. Rachel R.             Wilfrid Laurier University, Double degree in Honours Sociology and Philosophy

15. Lizzie H.               Guelph-Humber, Media Studies and Public Relations

16. Nancy M.              McMaster BA Honours Social psychology

17. Jade C.                 University of Guelph BA Sociology + Conestoga College Event Management

18. Amber R.             McMaster University, Nursing

19. Caite C.               Concordia University BFA Theatre & Development

20. Jenny H.              Carleton University, Political science + International Relations 

21. Shannon S.          Carleton University, BA Honours Communications and Media studies

BB 2013:

1. Emily B                 Carleton University, BA Criminology & Criminal Justice

2. Clare W.               University of Guelph AHN (Applied Human Nutrition) and Masters of Applied Nutrition

3. Cami B.                University Guelph, BComm Marketing Management

4. Aleisha H.            Ryerson, BTech Graphic Communications Management +

                                University of Toronto Project Management Certificate

6. Olivia C.               University of Waterloo, BA Honours Fine Art, Intensive Studio Specialization

7. Amy G.                 Western University Media, Information, and Technoculture +                                                                           Conestoga College, Event Management Certificate

8. Chloé ML.            University of Windsor, BA Honours Drama in Education and Community.

9. Maggie S             Queens University, Global Development Studies

10. Erika J               Guelph, B.Comm. Food and Agriculture Business Co-op

11. Anderson F.         Brock University, BA Honours, Interactive Arts and Sciences +                   

                                Postgrad in Computer Application Security at Conestoga College 

12. Bianka D.           University of Guelph, Honours Psychology co-op

13. Hannah D.          University of Victoria, English and HGHES Reconciliation Studies

14. Melissa H.          Ryerson University, B Comm

15. Michelle T.         University of Ottawa, Economics & Management

16. Brad Veit           Wilfrid Laurier University, Double Major in Communications  and Global Studies

17. Alex K                University of Guelph in Political Science

18. Sarah M.            Ryerson University, Child and Youth Counselling

19. Jamal K.            Wilfrid Laurier University, Honors BA in Economics

20. Dakota B.         NSCAD University, BFA Textiles and Fashion

21. Emma T.            Ryerson University, BFA Film Studies


BB 2014:

1. Michael H.              Ryerson University, RTA: Media Production

2. Tanja H.                 Wilfrid Laurier University, Global Studies

3. Abbey S                 Trent University, Honours BA English in the Teacher Education Stream

4. Parry R.                 Wilfrid Laurier, Bachelor of Business Administration

5. Nick P.                   Guelph, BComm - Marketing

6. Sarah B.                 Humber College, Bachelors of Creative Advertising and Certificate in Graphic Design

7. Julie D.                   University of Ottawa, International Development, French Immersion, Co-op

8. Erin M.                   University of Ottawa, BComm - International Management Co-op

9. Jacky S.                 Ryerson University, Law & Business

10. Leah EB.               University of Guelph, BSc. Food Science (Co-op)

11. Sam S.                  Wilfrid Laurier University, Economics

12. Katie K.                Queen’s University, Commerce

13. Ziggy P                 Outdoor Education, Fleming College

14. Geneviève K         Concordia University, BComm Major Human Resource Management, Minor Human Relations

15. Lauren K.           University of Guelph-Humber, Early Childhood Studies

16. Lauren S.           Ivey Business School @ Western University, Honours Business Administration

17. Zina F                 University of Toronto, BA Architectural Studies

18. Samm R.            McMaster University, Chemical Biology (Major in Chemistry and Minor in Biology

19. Laveen G.           University of Victoria, Double Major in Bio-Psychology and Visual Art

20. Paige P.            Trent University, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Minor in Indigenous                                            Environmental Studies

21. Cindy W.           University of Toronto, Double Major in International Relations and Peace, Conflict &                                     Justice

BB 2015: 

1. Joel L                     Brock University, Sport Management

2. Jackson W             Queen’s University, Dual Degree (Commerce and Computer  Science)

3. Jamie B.                McMaster University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

4. David L.                 Conestoga, Electrical Engineering

5. Sonya G.                University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Commerce with Specialization in Marketing with                                        COOP

6. Meg W.                  University of Guelph, Public Management

7. Neely J.                  Carleton University, Criminology with a Concentration in Law

8. Tiana B.                 University of Guelph, BComm, Marketing Management with Coop

9. Riley B.                  Carleton University, BComm, Entrepreneurship

10. Sidney K.              Dalhousie Bachelor of Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

11. Dani O.                  Wilfrid Laurier University, Communication Studies

12. Mackenzie S.        University of Guelph, Commerce and Accounting

13. Teresa C.               University of Waterloo, Environment and Business, Co-op

14. Jaden C.                 Fanshawe College, Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing)

15. Victoria B.             Queen’s University, Commerce

16. Kirsten D.              University of Guelph, Arts and Sciences (Neuroscience and Psychology)

17. Charlie B.               University of Waterloo, Accounting and Financial Management

18. Stacey W.               McMaster University, Commerce

19. Amanda H.              University of Calgary, Commerce, Concentrating in Accounting

20. Rachelle C.             Wayne State University, Detroit. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

21. Jenn T.                    Ryerson University, Performance Acting. Management

22. Ursula K.                Conestoga College, Health Science/Nursing

23. Paige E.                   University of Guelph, Arts and Science (Political Science and Neuroscience)


BB 2016:

1. Daniela F.                  Wilfrid Laurier University, Bachelor of Business Administration

2. Ashley S.                  Brock University, Concurrent education

3. Jordan B.                  Laurentian University, Outdoor Adventure Leadership, Concurrent Education

4. Mya L.                       University of Guelph, Sociology

5. Jenna R.                    University of Guelph, Biomedical Engineering Coop

6. Caitlin P.                  Dalhousie University, BSc Recreation and Business Management

7. Alicia B.                    University of Guelph BCOMM Agricultural Business (Resource Economics) Coop

8. Somer S.                  University of Guelph, Marketing Management

9. Maddy G.                  Queen's University, BAH Global Development and Political Science

10. Mary R.                   University of Guelph, Hotel and Food Management

11. Matt D.                    Queens University, Computer Science

12. Jack R.                    McMaster Commerce

13. Aiyana R.                 University of Guelph, Commerce - Leadership and Organizational Management (HR)

14. Bhawna R.                Ryerson University, Commerce in Entrepreneurship and Finance

15. Rebecca R.               University of Guelph, BA Honours Political Science

16. Chloe C.                   Ryerson University, Media Production

17. Hunter L.                  Carleton University, Bachelor of International Business

18. Oksana E R.             University of Toronto Law, Ethics & Society

19. Logan S.                  University of Ottawa - BComm Finance coop

20. Kory M.                  Queen's University, Global Development and Political Studies with a Minor in                                                 Environmental Science

21. Madison J.              Western University, General Science (Mathematics)

22. Sophia R.               University of Guelph Humber, Media Studies (PR)

23. Jack D.                   Brock University, Sport Management

24. Blair J.                   Brock University, Sport Management

25. Emma K.                University of Guelph, International Development 

26. Robyn M.               University of Guelph, Political Science Minor in Business

BB 2017: 

1. Josh G.                      Carleton University, Bachelor of International Business

2. Adelaide S.               University of Ottawa, BSc Political Science French Immersion COOP

3. Sam K.                     Humber College, BA in Film and Media Studies

4. Kiki M.                     University of Guelph, Landscape Architecture (BLA)

5. Tabitha S.                McMaster University, Commerce

6. Julia B.                    University of Guelph, Biomed

7. Mikayla S.               McMaster University, Cognitive Science of Language

8. Megan T.                 University of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce (Leadership and Organizational Management)

9. Zachary B.              Western University, Political Science

10. Rachel H.              University of British Columbia Okanagan, Bachelor of Arts Psychology Major

11. Dania A.                University of Guelph, International Development with area of emphasis in Political                                       Economy + Administrative Change

12. Vanessa C.            Western University, Social science

13. George K.              University Western Ontario, Kings College, Social Science

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Skill Development




Academic Performance



A Few Program Goals

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Executing effective teamwork strategies

  • Building confidence in student abilities

  • Public speaking and multimedia skills

  • Developing analytical skills

  • Explore Post Secondary and career options

  • Character education

  • Time and stress management

  • Academic achievement

  • Professionalism and relationship building

  • Creating a passion and commitment for learning

  • Business strategy skill development

  • Project management and event planning

  • Healthy active living

  • To have as much fun as possible while learning in a positive environment with a creative format. 

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