Beyond Borders

Part of the Upper Grand District School Board​

Centennial CVI

289 College Ave West

Guelph, Ontario

N1G 3S9

School Principal:

Scot Bishop

(519) 821-0360

Program Director and Business Teacher:

Mike Parsons

(519) 821-0360


Head of Guidance Department:

Julie Hubbard

(519) 821-0360

An incredible location for learning...

The Guelph Youth Music Centre

Students will leave the traditional school setting and travel to the Guelph Youth Music Centre on a daily basis. Classes will take place at the Centre, in surrounding parks, and through visits to various community organizations.

A former student explains the importance of the space... 

When I walk through the front door of the Guelph Youth Music Centre (GYMC) and that warm familiar feeling hits me, I can hardly imagine back in September when it was simply a nice concert hall downtown. I knew it was going to be a great place to attend classes, but had no idea how quickly it would become like a home and how special it would become.


Holding our lecture style classes in the beautful recital hall, having board room meetings for seminars and discussions, the meeting room is a perfect place for lessons and work periods. There is nothing in regular highschool that could possibly offer such a rich envirnment for learning.

On the gorgeous fall days our lessons were held down by the river or amoung the ruins, and the beautiful big windows bringing warmth in when the weather turned colder. There was perfect aesthetics about the place that had a way to inspire all of us.


I developed and grew so much in Beyond Borders, in so many important ways, that those 5 months will be etched in my mind forever as a special turning point in my life. I know from now on when I walk through those doors it will feel like coming home.