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Business and Sustainability(IDC 4U4)

Welcome to the Business and Sustainability Course. The common acceptance of globalization in today’s world demonstrates the importance of understanding what happens in the global community. This course introduces students to key


concepts and principles relevant to international business studies. We will explore global actors, trends, issues, challenges and concerns, aswell as their interactions and the resulting implications.


Ultimately, the goals of this course are to enable students to (1)recognize patterns in international interaction; (2) build awareness of international affairs; (3) enhance ability to analyze global issues and concerns; and (4) promote understanding of global challenges.


Through this courses, you will develop a broader and deeper understanding of international issues and concerns and begin to develop an informed awareness of those issues directly affecting their future careers.


We hope you will enjoy the experience! We are excited to work with all of you.

Unit #1: Economic Conditions

International Business (BBB 4M1)
This course provides an overview of the importance of international business and trade in the global economy and explores the factors that influence success in international markets. Students will learn about the techniques and strategies associated with marketing, distribution, and managing international business effectively.This course prepares students for postsecondary programs in business, including international business, marketing, and management.


#1: To understand the terminology, concepts, and business communication practices related to international business. 

#2: Evaluate the factors currently affecting the international competitiveness of businesses. 

#3: To be an effective manager in the international business world.


#1: Demonstrate an understanding of how international business and economic activities increase the interdependence of nations.

#2: Demonstrate an understanding of the factors that influence a country’s ability to participate in international business.

#3: Assess the effects of current trends in global business activity and economic conditions. 

#4: Analyze the ways in which cultural factors influence international business methods and operations. 

#5: Assess the ways in which political,economic,and geographic factors influence international business methods and operations.

International Scavenger Hunt
Human Monopoly
China and India Case
Guest Speaker - Germany
Summative Unit Test
Unit #2: International Ethics

Canada and US Border Control
Fuel Documentary
Politics, War and Business
The Stock Market
NYC: China Town, 9/11 and NYSE
World Health Organization
True Cost Documentary
Ethical Analysis Review
Summative Unit Test
Russia Sanctions Case
Cultural Marketing
The Supply Chain
Trading Partners
Tourist Destinations
Toursim and Business - Niagara Falls
Business Practices Quiz
Geography Challenge
Unit #3:
Operating in International Markets

Unit #4: World Issues 

Final Exam

Final 30% of Grade:

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