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Unit #5: Event Planning 

Create your own event, initiative or business.


You now have all the tools required to be your own CEO's and lead your own charity event or initiative. Before planning the charity golf tournament I would like to give you an opportunity to plan your own personal project. During this difficult time people need leaders to step up and make a positive difference for others; you will now have that chance. In this unit you will not be asked to launch any of your ideas (yet) but you may begin planning for a potential event, initiative or business. It does not have to be a large scale (base your project based on the time you feel you could have to make this project a reality), the key is that your event makes a positive difference for others. Here are just a couple great examples of leadership I have seen in the community. 

Two of my former Business Leadership students started Guelph Box. Check out their website:

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 8.47.09 AM.png

The UGDSB creates over 3000 face shields with 3D printers for front line workers...

A community member starts a trend of painted rocks to show gratitude for front line workers...

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 8.37.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 8.34.22 AM.png

Please consider all the different challenges all of us may be facing during this time. Many families and individuals are facing their own unique challenges that can be supported in a variety of ways. Please work through the step by step guidelines below for this unit. Include Mr. Parsons in your development, brainstorming and planning so that he may support your work...

Step #1: Brainstorm ideas on what you could do to make a difference for others. Write a proposal for an idea and email it to Mr. Parsons for feedback. Your proposal should provide Mr. Parsons with a description of something you believe could be implemented and explain how it could make a positive difference. What would you mission be? Who would it support? Would it raise funds for a charity? Who would you direct funds to? How would it support others?

Step #2: Create branding for your initiative, event or business. What could it be named? What slogan would be appropriate? Can you create a logo? Email your branding to Mr. Parsons for feedback.

Step #3: Using wix (website development software) you are asked to create your own website for your project. Wix is free to use and provides very simple templates to help you create website. Go to to begin your website. 

Step #4: Create marketing material for your initiative, event or business. What material could you push on social media to support you? What information would others need to know?

Step #5: How could members of the class support your initiative? Email Mr. Parsons your thoughts and ideas to generate support.



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