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Formative Market Research Project:

You are tasked with developing an effective survey to find solutions for the following case study. To design your survey (and collect your primary data) you are asked to use a simple and effective online market research tool - Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is a free and effective tool designed to help individuals and businesses create survey's. Its design offers a variety of question formats and methods to collect your data. 



Your task is to read the following case study problem. You are asked to help this investor and make recommendations based on the data your collect. You may share your survey with classmates, friends and family members to collect the data you need. You must have a minimum of 15 people complete your survey (you must also include Mr. Parsons in your survey so that he may participate and have gathered his own data to provide you with feedback on the format and results).

Case Study:

A local investor is looking to open a fast food franchise in the Guelph area. The difficulty he faces is that he does not know where to locate his business and which fast food industry (ie. Wendys, Subway, McDonald's, etc.) would be best suited for Guelph’s needs. 


As a market researcher you are asked to create a questionnaire that will answer these difficult questions. You are asked to select the most appropriate location for the business. Where to locate his business (divide Guelph into North, South, East and West) and what fast food chain is there a demand for? By gathering information you will determine where your market is located and which franchise is best suited for this city. 

Step #1: Define the problem. What questions does this investor need support with? What are you trying to determine? 

Step #2: Use Survey Monkey to design an effective survey. Ensure to implement your learning from the chapter readings to avoid common mistakes and that you are collecting information from the correct population sample. Should everyone be included in your sample? What types of people do you need? What questions should you ask? Do you have enough questions to collect the data you need to provide the investor with accurate recommendations?

Step #3: Now that you have complete your survey - select your population sample. Connect your survey to your sample for completion.

Step #4: Analyse and evaluate your data to determine results. What did you learn? Did you have enough information to make recommendations for the investor?

Step #5: Share your data, evaluation and results with Mr. Parsons. What conclusions/recommendations would you make? Defend your responses with evidence from your primary survey data. Be clear in your recommendations. 

Ensure to avoid these common mistakes with survey questions...

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 1.30.51 PM.png

Once you have emailed Mr. Parsons your results ( and he has also received your chapter notes/question responses - he will contact you for feedback.

At this time you will be able to discuss any questions you may have. 

Mr. Parsons will also walk you through the summative evaluation project at this time. 

Good luck and remember if you need support feel free to contact me at any time.

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