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Beyond Borders offers an opportunity for all enthusiastic and community-minded grade 12 students to enjoy a unique semester that will truly prepare them for the future. The program focuses on leadership development, business, math, global development and sustainability, with an emphasis on team-building, skill development, and experiential learning. 

The program fee of $200 covers many remarkable learning opportunities and enjoyable experiences. Depend on our budget, possible trips include; New York City, Toronto, Blue Mountain, and a leadership development trip to the Muskokas visiting Camp Tawingo. 

Students get the chance to prepare themselves for post secondary education through our program structure, campus tours and interaction with faculty and students. Students will have the opportunity to network with many professionals within a variety of fields, including education, business, local politics and more. 

Students are shown the varying factors that contribute to a successful company and leader. Students are shown how to become socially responsible leaders through character driven activities that will develop the traits that will help them be better leaders and members of society.


Students will meet with representatives from TESLA to learn about this innovative organization.

17 SEP
18 SEP

Students will travel to Camp Tawingo for a week of leadership development workshops.

27 SEP

Eagle's Flight delivers an experiential training program designed to improve our results by unleashing the human potential within Beyond Borders.

Our Campus
Students will leave the traditional school setting and travel to an offsite location (Tytler Public School) on a daily basis. Classes will take place at the centre, in the surrounding parks, and through visits to various community businesses. 
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Mike Parsons:

Centennial CVI: (519) 821-0360

A Grade 12 Program focussed on...

Leadership Development

Students will regularly be provided with leadership opportunities. We provide workshops, simulations, lectures, evaluations and challenges. We are confident that students will become character driven leaders by the end of the semester.

Experiential Learning

We are convinced that students learn better outside the bounds of a classroom. Through hands on teaching approaches we will bring the curriculum to life for students.

Post Secondary Preparation

Students will prepare to become effective managers in today's changing world. Beyond Borders specializes in leadership development and communication. Students will produce and analyze a range of media and literary works with a focus on meeting the challenges and demands of life in the 21st century..

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